Thursday, August 30, 2007


Most investigations of cases in Preble County never go beyond the local level - a problem.

In the Consolidated Rd triple homicide, Ohio BCI was eventually called in. The investigation went on for years. At one point an agent told a family member that they were aware that Preble County was one of the most corrupt in all of Ohio.

Years ago, a Citizen's Task Force was created in the area and they amassed a collection of cases in which there are serious allegations against authorities who had given themselves free rein to do as they wish. The network of cooperation succeeded in bringing false charges, buying and coaching witnesses, manipulating and destroying documents and evidence, harassiment, intimidation, and physical harm.

The internet has made it possible for victims to find each other and realize they are not alone in their individual cases of wrongdoing. The internet has also introduced Preble County to the nation. We thank the journalists who have contacted us and always welcome more.

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