Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There is a dirty little secret in Preble County, Ohio. Many are fearful, some are unbelieving, and then there are the victims and their survivors.

I am a survivor.

This blog has been created to document the process as the families of these victims attempt to bring our story to a nationwide audience, as well as seek justice at the federal level.

The families seek journalists as well as investigators who would be willing to assist us in bringing national attention to these cases.

The focus of this blog: 5 cases, 7 deaths. All cases have a common thread of official misconduct involving acts performed "under the color of law", and in RICO fashion.

We need YOUR help. Visit this blog often. Send links to anyone who may be interested or could offer assistance. Contact federal agencies and lobby on our behalf for an investigation.

We thank you for your moral support and prayers for justice...

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