Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lesa Buckley homicide ( July 7, 1990

Lesa Buckley attended a local party in Preble County with many friends on a summer night in 1990. The next day, her body was found floating in the lake where the party had been held...she had first been brutally raped.
During the subsequent investigation, witness after witness stated their belief in the crime being perpetrated by members of a family who Lesa was terrified of. A family that has enjoyed many favors from county authorities.
A year later, a good friend - Billy Scott - was accused by authorities of killing Lesa. Billy had been instrumental in saving Lesa from violence aimed at her by the local family she feared. Billy's family had a history of complaints against local authorities.
Lesa's family had hired an investigator since local authorities had not managed to solve the crime. After officials named Billy Scott as their suspect, the Buckley's were "groomed" to believe what authorities were telling them...a deputy even moved into their home with them.
After being named as suspect, Billy one evening was warned by a Buckley "to enjoy your evening, it may be your last". The next day, four men approached Billy's parked car and drew guns and crow bars as Billy and his fiance sat inside. Billy quickly drew a gun he had placed in his car after receiving the warning of the night before, and shot three of the men dead. He was found not guilty by self-defense, but the Preble County prosector, a person repeatedly involved in all these unusual cases, insisted to the judge that a manslaughter charge be brought.
Billy entered the trial for Lesa Buckley with the new manslaughter charges from the failed "hit". During his trial, important witness statements were ignored, physical evidence held no indications of involvement by Billy, and there was only one eye witness - who surfaced only recently before the trial, and who's mother happened to be dating the brother of one of the deceased from the former "hit". Not a single witness saw this new "eyewitness" at the party. He testified to witnessing a rape, yet forensics showed that Lesa was raped by an inanimate object. The hired investigator attempted to testify that a Buckley had asked him to hire a hit on Billy.
Billy is currently serving time for murder in both cases. The Prosecutor's Investigator especially is quick to tell those who try to discuss the case that Billy has murdered four persons and it is ridiculous to look any further into the case. There are many witness statements concerning this investigator including harassment, intimidation, coached testimony, false charges, and physical many area cases.
After the Lesa Buckley murder trial, witnesses produced signed and taped statements of Preble County officials trying to buy witness statements and coached testimony against Billy. Information has surfaced from witnesses who saw Lesa during and after her supposed time of death - being followed by members of the local family she feared.
Billy's attorney in the Buckley case was threatened with death, and eventually persons were caught near his office on their way to bomb the building.
Justice will never be realized in this case until a legal source outside of Preble County can look into the facts. In the meantime, Billy remains imprisoned on false charges.
Lesa Buckley and Billy Scott were good friends. She would not want Billy to be suffering from false accusations in her death while the true perpetrators are free. The Scott family asks only that ALL facts in this case be looked at and thoroughly investigated.
The Clear Billy Scott website contains a full transcript of the trial, witness statements during the initial investigation, and more. It is an incredible body of work and provides a solid basis for the need for a judicious investigation...
A small taste of how authorities in Preble County operate by way of false testimony and bought witnesses can be viewed here...

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