Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Clayton Helriggle "drug raid", September 27, 2002

Clayton Helriggle was a 23-year old man enjoying an evening out with his friends. Unfortunately, a female deputy flirted with him that evening in a local bar. Her husband was a local deputy, as well.

Weeks later, that husband completed surveillance on Clayton's home and suggested that there was major drug activity in the house and headed a large drug raid. Clayton died that evening as he came down the stairs with a blue cup in his hand. Later, authorities insisted that he had a gun in his hand.

There was no indication of drug sales at all, and the raid resulted in a small amount of personal marijuana and a few pain pills.

Clayton's family eventually won a minor award in federal court for official wrongdoing, but a large portion of the incredible misconduct was left out.

The officials in this case are the same one that are involved in each of the former cases mentioned in this blog.

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