Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Good ole boys" supporters

Preble County has long been plagued by the devastation left behind after the "good ole boys" have done what they wish with the law. Children removed from their parents in acts of harassment/retaliation, persons spending the rest of their lives in prison, and death. This is a county of barely over 40,000 citizens, with an uncomfortable amount of unsolved homicides, many with indications of official wrongdoing.

Victims, survivors, supporters and doubters converge on websites and local forums addressing these cases. Everyone has their own opinion, which brings about the advantage of seeing these cases from all points of view and is as it should be.

Some posts display little consciousness or humanity.

The second victimization of those who have already had to endure the first...

I nose for a fact that sheruf simpson and votal are full of sheet. I took
them proof that aliens landed in new paris 3 years ago and they didnt dus
nothin about it. I even shows them pruf by drawen a picture of whats I seen on
my sisters etchaskech. It was write thar in front of um to look at and they
nevar dun nothin about it. I think theys prejewdiced agin us people up ear.

I know maybe the taliban did it. lets see if we can get a meeting with President Bush to go over the facts and evidence we have. I think its a conspiracy

Your famly is a lazy & worthless as mine & thats mostly what comes out of NewParis. Admit it. But I like seeing you make an ass of yourself. So keep it up.

take this topic and go to hell with it.

Someone get the hook and pull them off the stage. The show is over folks. Please excuse us for not applauding.

These guys see you for what you are youdouche bag. Im sick of tired of hearing about Billys innocent because he"s not. She was a whore but she didn't deserve that. Give this shit a rest or I"ll start telling some of youre secrets

Like before, I'm shoveling and you people aren't as heavy as you smell. Go on and do what you feel you have to do. I'll keep on as well. The tactics used by the Clearbillies have been fucking detestable. You want to play in their sandbox, deal with the cat shit.

Your secret is only secret from you. You are oblivious to the obvious. There is no "best shot." You are a sad dirty homeless man wearing a sandwich board railing against the End Times in a Donald Duck voice. You quack me up.

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