Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Corruption Press Release #1

Corruption allegations in Preble County, Ohio, result in complaint to Department of Justice
Dozens of cases alleging corruption in Preble County, Ohio, have resulted in a class action complaint addressed to the Department of Justice. Allegations include acts of intimidation, harassment, retaliation, false charges, deals for false witnesses, evidence/document destruction, drugs and homicides.
The county of 42,000 citizens has a high number of cases with peculiar and questionable circumstances. The complaint alleges citizens in Preble County have been subject to official wrongdoing for over twenty years by a specific group of authorities, suggesting the acts of wrongdoing could possibly fall under the RICO Act. Additionally, many cases are alleged to have been carried out “under the color of law”, meaning crimes were committed while officials were acting in their official capacity.
Websites and local online forums hint of a sinister underbelly of corruption. A victim shot in the head, wrapped in sheets, partially burned then buried under floorboards declared a suicide. A triple homicide, “unsolved”, with terrified whisperings in the county of participation by authorities. A murder, with a man serving time in prison, and the likely perpetrators remain uninvestigated and rumored to have close relationships with authorities. A “drug raid” on a young man’s home, organized and led by a deputy whose wife had flirted with the young man. The raid netted a few prescribed pain pills, a small amount of marijuana and a pipe. The young man died from a bullet to the chest as he came walking down the stairs with a blue beverage cup in his hand. Authorities insist he was carrying a gun.
Authorities remain steadfast in their claim that citizens are “roused up” due to area rumors and activity on local websites and forums. Victims and their survivors have congregated on the web, and have presented an impressive body of work consisting of news accounts, witness statements and court documents. Sheriff Mike Simpson and County Prosecutor Martin Votel have asserted the position that anyone is welcome to approach them with information about a case. The complaint to Washington suggests a fear of sharing information with local investigators. Further issues in the complaint allege supervisors know or have been given evidence of wrongdoing and have not properly addressed or investigated certain authorities.
Years ago frustrated citizens created the Preble County Citizen’s Task Force Against Corruption. Many came to meetings or shared information with organizers long distance by mail. There amassed an unsettling amount of alleged wrongdoing, and incredible stories of devastated lives and families. Guy Scott Sr., founder of the Task Force, is hoping to see the new prosecutor in Preble County indicate a desire to “clean the place up”.
Websites and local forums were created by citizens and have gained a nationwide audience. A documentary has been filmed on one of the cases and at least two books are in progress. Media attention is desired and investigative journalists are invited to contact Preble County Citizen’s Task Force Against Corruption at preble.homicide@gmail.com
PCCTFAC Organization preble.homicide@gmail.com

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